Pink Make Up Brush Set. The Best Foundation Make Up

Pink Make Up Brush Set

pink make up brush set

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Only The Trying

Only The Trying

“For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.”
~ T.S. Eliot

Many have asked how I am managing to capture snowflakes and while I would love to tell you it takes great skillful skill and great speedy speed:) there really is no other magic to it than patience, luck, and a little bit of know how. This shot is good, and I managed to grab some of the detail but it could have been better. I think there are some things that might help, like a tiny little paint brush to help gently brush away snow that insistently falls on top of your perfect snowflakes JUST AS YOU SHOOT them -AHHHH! lol:) *Note to small paintbrush for just such a purpose. I plan to keep trying, as the weather allows.

Here are some things I think are very important, for any of you who want to give it a try. Those of you in the Northeast seem to be getting plenty of opportunity for it.:)

1. The temperature and wind conditions. It has to be cold enough and still enough that when the snowflakes are falling, they don't instantly melt or blow away. You need them to stick around for a few seconds. A good way to test this, is to just go outside and see if they are sticking to your clothes. There are things you can do to block the wind, but I haven't done that yet. I will be learning about this in a macro class this spring and I'll tell you about it then. Wind will absolutely make it impossible. In fact, even a slight breeze will make it a more frustrating experience than you'd probably like to have.

2. It helps if you have something colorful or textured for them to fall on. In my last two shots, I actually used my fading flowers. I left them out on the deck for a short time to get cold.

3. Good glass. You will have a very hard time capturing snowflakes without a very good lens. I use two...Canon's 100mm macro lens, which is probably one of the best lenses in my bag, and an old FD 50mm lens in reverse. If you have no idea what the Reverse Lens Method is, check out the description in my macro set and read the article I wrote on the subject for The Magic In Pixels. (There's a link in the set description.) It'll open your eyes to a whole new world.

4. Always use Live View on your camera and a remote shutter or cable release, or at least a 2 second delay. If you don't know how, drag out the manual and read about it. My camera allows me to zoom up 10 times so I am able to focus by watching until it clears up on Live View. This is how I do most of my work that has a really tight dof. Keep your ISO to 100 or 200 so the detail will be good and use a tripod if you can. I've gotten some handheld shots, but it's extremely difficult to do.

5. Crop your image in post. If you did well on #4, you should be able to crop to a very small area to feature just the snowflake. This is why good glass and a low ISO are so important. Otherwise, you'll end up with a very noisy, grainy image that will be disappointing.

6. Don't give up. It'll try your patience, but the result is pretty cool.:)

*I created a snowflake set today, if you'd like to see all of the ones I've captured so far.:)

11-23-08 "Be Jolly" Class @ Pink Pineapple

11-23-08 "Be Jolly" Class @ Pink Pineapple

"Be Jolly" Mini Book
Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks
November 23, 2008

This book is also featured as a project on the Zutter Zisters' November 2008 Gallery.

With the days finally cooling off I was excited to create this frosty little album in honor of winter! I layered alternating pages of
acetate and chipboard to create a fun take on the ever popular stacked albums. This technique filled mini album features
stamping on acetate, lace cardstock, stickles and other fun details. I dry-brushed the edges of the acetate pages with blue paint
to make them “frosty”. I split a journaling spot between two chipboard pages with an acetate page in between—just a fun way to
make one journal spot stretch to two pages.

I also included a special technique I like to use to create pockets in chipboard books. Cut a piece of chipboard to 6” x 7”. Cut a
strip of chipboard to 3” x 7” to form the pocket front. From chipboard scraps, cut strips of chipboard about ?” wide or smaller.
Adhere the strips to the 3” x 7” piece of chipboard to form a “U” – along the bottom and the two sides but not along the top.
Insert the pocket front into the Bind-It-All and punch holes on the 3” side as if it were simply a 3” wide page. I like to use the “C”
setting to ensure all of my inner pages match up perfectly with one another. Punch binding holes in the 6” x 7” page as well.
Adhere the pocket front to the page, lining up the binding holes. The pocket sits far enough away from the page to allow easy
insertion of thicker items or several different items but is still slim enough that the book lays flat when closed.


* Paper – Dream Street
* Cardstock – Bazzill
* Glitter and Flocked Cardstock –
* Rhinestones – Kaiser Craft. Me &
My Big Ideas, Mark Richards
* Ribbon –May Arts (Glitter Dot, Red
Dot Grosgrain), Unknown (Green,
Red Dot, White Lace), Bazzill (red
Stretch Gingham), American
Crafts (Red Stripe)
* Acetate – Accu-Cut
* Chipboard – Zutter Innovative
* Bracket Journaling Spot – Jenni
* Buttons – Joann’s
* Brad – American Crafts
* Felt – Fabric Barn
* Diecuts – Quickutz, Sizzix, Accu-Cut
* Jewelry Tag – Pink Pineapple
* Snowflake Sequins – Michael’s
* Large Snowflake, Stick Pin – Floral
* Glass Candy Cane – Target
* Binding Wires – ?” Black
* Stickers – Unknown
* Punches – EK Success, Stampin’
Up!, Martha Stewart Crafts, Fiskars

pink make up brush set

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